Added 6-26-2010
#9a.  This is Judy's 1st choice with her suggesting making the content area gold opposed to the original white.  Judy, now that you see it, you sure this isn't too much gold overall?
  The other difference is Bryan's suggestion of losing the white around the double diamond.  This drops the white as well as the outline that indicates a rectangle in the background.

The other difference is the lettering of Wild Bunch is mixed case. The sample below has all upper case.  Your preference?


#6a.  This is a modified version of #6.  It gives you the black menu as in #9, yet retains the black background for the header.

Don't you just love all these decisions regarding design choices some of you probably don't care about?  But from a design perspective they are decisions that need to be made and I just as soon not make them for you :)
  In this one we lost the white in the logo, but left the outline of the rectangle visible.  I don't know, it's a hard call.  Now that see it without the white, I think the white kind of added something.

WILD BUNCH in all upper case (sort of.)

I also scaled back the size of the logo and text size on the menu.



Added 6-25-2010
Wild Bunch Ski Club -  MockUps

Here is a start.  These are just POSSIBILITIES for the overall look.  The menus are not functional.  Basically you are looking at a "picture" of what the website may look like.  Please ignore slight alignment problems or other inaccuracies.  All I want you to consider is the the over-all look and let me know what you like, what you don't like and any other ideas you may have.

The designs below are all designed for a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels.  That is the standard right now.  Meaning the majority of the people use that resolution.  However you have the "technologically advanced" folks who use a much higher resolution.  Such as wide screen lap tops.  To make the site relatively attractive in all resolutions, you display it with a background image that spans the entire screen regardless of the resolution.  In this case it is the gray gradient you see below.  And the actual content area  remains the same size and is centered on all  monitors.  The higher resolution your monitor is, the more gray area you will see on the right and left.

A website should always be designed so the user does not have to scroll right/left to see all content.  Hence the current standard of 1024 pixels wide.   That means the vast majority of people will not have to scroll right/left to view the content.  There are still a  few folks out there using 800x600.  And what you see below will not fit on their monitor, they will have to scroll right/left.  But you can't program for the few stragglers forever.  For the last couple years 1024 has been the standard.

The black/gold color combination makes a very bold statement.  We are going to have to be careful not too overpower the eye with too bright of color.  It's good to put your visitors in a party mood, but you don't want to give them a headache.

I struggled with the "gold" for quite a while.  I tried scanning the logo on the jacket and color sampled various areas.  Everything I came up with was either too dark or too orange.  So I came up with my own.  Is it gold enough?

Another thing to keep in mind is that there will be a color difference from monitor to monitor.  There is no way we can control that.

This will have to go in the header of the page so it remains accessible on all pages.  Catchy song, but you have to give them the option to turn the music OFF.  We can look for a different control that takes up less room.  But the above bar is one of the smaller ones available.
this is 100% yellow
This is the color I got from scanning the logo on the jacket
The Gold I came up with after playing around (used in all screens below.)

You also need to choose the font you want me to use for your text.  Look at the two columns on the left.  The first Column is Times Roman, the second column is Arial.

Arial is used most often, but you won't get into any technical trouble with Times Roman either.  There are technical issues with fonts, so you can't chose one of your favorite fonts you use for flyers.  It has to be a system font.  I can explain that more via a phone call :)

#1.  Logo considerations.  None of the Logo samples that you left with us on Thursday mentioned "Ski Club".  Somewhere on the page we have to identify that you are indeed a Ski Club.   There are couple ways of handling it.  Either we incorporate it into the logo itself or keep it separate (see below.)

  I guess I didn't pay attention to the magnification I was working in when I designed these Mock-Ups.  I didn't mean for them to turn out as large as they are displaying here.  I would STRONGLY suggest scaling things down a bit.  The Menu buttons do not need to be that large - nor the logo on top.  We aren't addressing Kindergarten kids :)  Scaling it down will give you more room for the main content area.  This same applies to ALL screens shown below.

#2.   Not much difference here.  Except that "Ski Club" is not part of the logo.  This was actually an accident that the text for "Ski Club" turned out gray.  But I always liked the monochrome effect, so I thought I'd leave it for you to see.

#3.  "Ski Club" in Gold gives more contrast.  Plus I added "Joliet, IL"   just to fill in the area a little more.  It may also be a good idea to mention your geographic location.  Personal taste - up to you.

#4.   Version 1 of a Top Menu idea.  Doing a top menu leaves you more room right/left for the main content area.  Again personal preference.

  The active menu will change color when someone slides their mouse over a specific option to highlight what they are about to click on.  Standard stuff.  I'm sure you've seen it on just about every website you've visited.

#5.   Slightly different look to the menu. 
Solid gold background for content area.

  Ideas how to display elements on the page.  Do you have definite ideas WHAT information you want available on the opening page?  The cleanest look is to have the opening page short enough that it does not need to be scrolled up/down.  That all other information is behind one of the menu options.  But it is quite acceptable to scroll up/down if you feel it is beneficial to have more information on the opening page.  Just stick to the REALLY IMPORTANT stuff.  If there is too much you lose the reader and they won't read any of it.
#6.  Making the text areas white breaks up the solid gold.  Studies show that more people read text if it is presented black on white.  Now - do we believe or want to follow what the surveys say?

#7.   This gets away from most of the black.  I tend to be a "drama" person, so I'm not sure this would be my first choice :)

  With Side Menu.
#8.  Same idea with Top Menu.  Mix of gold/white for content area.

#9.    Different look for menu with all white content area.